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Who are your customers ?

Automatic, customer segmentation. Understand different profiles of behavior and prepare marketing content for your target audience. Increase brand loyalty by addressing customers in a way they like it.

What to recommend them ?

Get  ahead of your customers by knowing in advance which product they are most likely to be interested  in. Understand future demand and navigate your sales.

Did it work?

Understand  how your actions now change your business in the future. Track expected lifetime value change and reduce your expected churn rate.


JourneyTree is a light-weight and efficient Customer Analytics tool for retail business of any domain, based on the state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Almost every company possesses data about their customers to be learned from. JourneyTree is intended for companies/brands that are not ready to hire an in-house data-science team, or pay for the extremely expensive (and complex) customer analytics software. By using JourneyTree, brands can benefit from ML without huge investments – they can quickly and easily analyze their proprietary data in order to extract actionable information from it. It is a way with the lowest risk to explore the data, estimate its value (knowledge that can be extracted) and decide on the future strategy regarding customer analytics. It can be used either as a stand-alone software or as a plug-in for existing systems. The system will calculate top-scored recommendations for our clients, according to their customers’ journeys, as well as perform analytics on emerging trends in customers’ interests. The output can be delivered as visual report or ingested by other systems via API.

  • Customer behavior segmentation for personalized messaging​

Automatic, data-driven customer segmentation which enables you to understand different profiles of behavior and tailor personalized messaging and offers. Increase brand loyalty by addressing customers in a way they like it.

  • Per-customer churn prediction 

Prevent churn  by quick reaction to early signs of customer's decrease of activity.
Get recommendation of actionable which still maximizes your margin.

  • Expected lifetime value calculation

Calculate per customer expected lifetime value. Understand who are your most relevant segments and manage your resources accordingly.

  • Per-customer product recommendation

Get  ahead of your customers by knowing in advance which product they are most likely to be interested  in. Understand future demand and navigate your sales.

Introductory training
A quick way to understand how to exploit your company's data
Duration: 60 min
Price: Free
Location: Online

It is an overview and a simple explanation of Predictive Analytics, Customer Analytics, Customer Journeys, Metrics and KPIs, ways to learn from the data you own and understand the main benefits.

Ready to integrate
Duration: 3-6 weeks
Price: $15-30k
Location: Your premises

Get the JorneyTree running on your server, tuned to your data features. It will provide you the most relevant analytics to help you drive your core business and marketing decisions.

Custom tailored solution
A deep leap into the data, answering your particular questions 
Duration: 2-6 months
Price: Contact us
Location: Your/Our premises

If you have any specific questions or doubts we will work with you to provide in-depth insights into your data. The better the quality and the amount of your data, the more precise the predictions will get.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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